Lambiotte & Cie was historically active in the production of charcoal. Even if this activity was discontinued years ago, the company has developed a unique carbonization technology and proposes a technology for automatic continuous carbonization retorts, type SIFIC/CISR, producing 2.000 tons or 6.000 tons of charcoal per year. The company does not provide any equipment but provides know-how for local installation. The Lambiotte process is characterized by a very high production yield; only pyroligneous vapors are burnt inside the retort, not wood, nor charcoal, giving an outstanding output of charcoal.

In the Lambiotte process, wood is dried in a first zone at the top of the retort, after which it has to undergo carbonization at controlled temperatures in a second zone, then charcoal is cooled down in the carbonization retort by cooled gas and is discharged at ambient temperature. Charcoal is seen to be perfectly pure and highly homogeneous, of an exceptional quality, with a very high carbon content. Guaranteed production data are : 80 to 90 % fixed carbon content; 3 to 4 % water content; maximum 12 % volatile matters content. The Lambiotte SIFIC/CISR retort is fully heat-insulated. The absence of corrosive condensation gives the installation a very long life.

Using the Lambiotte carbonization retorts will provide large reduction in labor; simple and easy work in an healthier workplace.

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