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Acetals belong to a specific chemical family, resumed in the generally term solvent, distinct from ethers. Lambiotte’s acetals are produced by reactions between alcohols and aldehydes.The acetal molecule can be either linear or cyclic.With regard to their toxicity and ecotoxicity, Lambiotte’s acetals show very good profiles for health and environment.

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 Product Name Chemical structure CAS N°
Methylal CH3-O-CH2-O-CH3 109-87-5
Ethylal CH3-CH2-O-CH2-O-CH2-CH3 462-95-3
Propylal CH3-(CH2)2-O-CH2-O-(CH2)2-CH3 505-84-0
Butylal CH3-(CH2)3-O-CH2-O-(CH2)3-CH3 2568-90-3
Dioxolane 646-06-0
Glycerol Formal 4740-78-7 and 5464-28-8
TOU CH3-O-(CH2)2-O-CH2-O-(CH2)2-O-CH3 4431-83-8
2-ethylhexylal CH3-(CH2)3-CH(C2H5)-CH2-O-CH2-O-CH2-CH(C2H5)-(CH2)3-CH3 22174-70-5

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