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Textile industry

Methylal is a good solvent of various fluorinated polymers used in textile water proofing.

Methylal and dioxolane, with their high solvent power and their excellent degreasing ability combined with their quick evaporation time, are ideal solvents for dry powder spot removers in aerosols.

Methylal, ethylal and dioxolane are compatible with most natural and synthetic fibres.

Elcoform ( a solution of formaldehyde in methanol with a low content of water ) is used in the one step synthesis of etherified DMDHEU (Dimethylol Dihydroxy Ethylene Urea). DMDHEU is a anti-wrinkle and anti-shrinkage treatment product for cellulosic fibres.

Leather industry

Methylal is used in water proofing treatment of leather ( shoes, etc).

TOU ( tetraoxaundecane) is a solvent for polymers used in leather finish treatment.

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